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All the hard news including crime, road accidents, legal stories and investigations.

Four people violently assaulted after accident in Tzaneen CBD

A motor vehicle accident resulted in the brutal assault of a Tzaneen couple in the CBD on Wednesday afternoon. Clive Jones (53) and his partner, Martie De Bruto (48),...

Van Velden hospital nurse tests positive

The communities of Tzaneen and surrounding areas have launched into an unfounded spiral of panic after a news report surfaced on Wednesday, 3rd of June, that a nursing sister...

Tzaneen’s very own Doolittle moves to new home

Azelle Grobler and her animals have started moving into their new home at the Sanwild Wildlife Sanctuary outside Gravelotte. The move was mostly down to a lack of space...

Cele: 230 000 arrested during lockdown

More than 230 000 people have been criminally charged since the start of the nationwide lockdown on the 31st of March. On the 22nd of May, the fedora-wearing police commissioner,...

Exclusive: Tzaneen pilot accidentally photographs border trade

Cigarette smugglers have continued raking in the profits of their labour while legitimate companies such as British American Tobacco (BAT) continue arm-wrestling with CoGTA head, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. Earlier this...

Level 3: Can we go into the out now?

It appears as though the minister of CoGTA, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma still has the last laugh on the issue of cigarettes and the rights of citizens in this country.

No, we’re not building, we’re repairing

“There is no building going on there at our site, we are doing crucial emergency repairs to some of our units at that site.” These were the assuring words...

Lion couple finally end their domestic dispute

A couple of lions caused quite the stir the last two weeks when they escaped from their enclosure at the SanWild Wildlife sanctuary in Gravelotte. Like wildfire, reports hit...

Roadside screenings for Tzaneen’s taxi passengers

One of the famously deserted and optimally ineffective roadblocks erected at the three entrances to Tzaneen town was finally a bustling hub of activity on Tuesday morning. It is reported...

Third illegal avo shipment intercepted

On Saturday afternoon Marius Jacobs from Canine Security received a phone call from an off-duty police sergeant. It was a tip-off about a large load of stolen avocados being...

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In die pekel oor verkeersknope

Daar word vertel dat Daniel Kirstein, een van die top nuuslesers van die Afrikaanse diens, destyds, een oggend om 08:00 by die werk moes...

Ford ondersteuning sit spel aan die rol

Die ATKV Eiland Spa Rolbalklub het Saterdag die 6de Augustus sy weeklikse borgdag kompetisie gehou wat hierdie keer deur die BB Ford Tzaneen handelaar...

Fuel set to drop

Finally, moneyless South African motorists are expected to receive a little relief in September as soaring petrol prices are expected to decrease. Motorists enjoyed...