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Thursday, August 18, 2022

BREAKING: Conservationist tragically killed by beloved lions

Well-known conservationist and animal lover, West Mathewson (68) was killed in a tragic incident at his home on the premises of Lion Tree Top Lodge outside Hoedspruit this morning....

Women rise for women’s rights

As part of their Women’s Day campaign the Democratic Alliance in Limpopo held a series of events and outreaches aimed at not only celebrating the power of women, but...

Former Miss Vossie vying for the Miss SA crown

Bulletin spoke to 23-year-old Ndavi Nokeri who was a former learner from Ben Vorster High School and once wore Miss Vossie 2016 crown. She just made it into the...

Cele’s Tzaneen visit sparks taxi rank clean-up

While broadcasting the ‘Daily Drive with Joe’ show, Bulletin editor Joe Dreyer stumbled across a group of Greater Tzaneen Municipality (GTM) executive committee members standing in the parking lot...

Masks to help the hearing impaired

A Tzaneen local has come up with an ingenious solution to one of the most frustrating aspects of wearing a mask whenever you’re in public – difficulty hearing people...

“I think they were poaching lions”-tourist

A couple from Letsitele were traveling through the Kruger National Park from the Shingwedzi Rest Camp towards the Phalaborwa Gate when they spotted what appeared to be a group...
Road showing a sinkhole in Letsitele Eiland

Follow up: Eiland Road sinkhole finally tended to

It has been a week since Bulletin first reported on the sinkhole that formed on the P43/3 “Eiland” Road in Letsitele and still the Roads and Infrastructure Department at...

Legitimate power grab or elaborate hoax?

Earlier this week, on Monday the 6th of July, the Democratic Alliance announced that they were in possession of what they called a “Top Secret Document” which may point...

Urgent scam Alert

The Hoedspruit Town Watch advised the public to be vigilante after a few local shops fell victim to scammers in Hoedspruit over the past week. In a report issued...

Council complete after Pohl sworn in

The composition of the new council of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality (GTM) which was inaugurated on Monday, was not be complete until one member from the DA was finally...

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In die pekel oor verkeersknope

Daar word vertel dat Daniel Kirstein, een van die top nuuslesers van die Afrikaanse diens, destyds, een oggend om 08:00 by die werk moes...

Ford ondersteuning sit spel aan die rol

Die ATKV Eiland Spa Rolbalklub het Saterdag die 6de Augustus sy weeklikse borgdag kompetisie gehou wat hierdie keer deur die BB Ford Tzaneen handelaar...

Fuel set to drop

Finally, moneyless South African motorists are expected to receive a little relief in September as soaring petrol prices are expected to decrease. Motorists enjoyed...