image of two boxers squaring off inside a boxing ring.
The two fighters squaring off at Champs Boxing Academy with Coach Rossouw acting as referee.

A disagreement between two young men at a nightclub was amicably resolved at the local boxing gym in Tzaneen this week.

On Thursday evening during one of the training classes a man accompanied by two of his friends entered the Champs Boxing Academy doors. The man asked for a specific member of the gym and said that they had an appointment.

After consultation with the owner and head coach, Gerhard Rossouw, it was discovered that the young man had an altercation with one of the members of the boxing gym. The young boxer told the guy that he would not fight in a parking lot and that instead would challenge him to a boxing bout at the gym if he wanted to settle the matter.

The man obliged and so the two climbed into the ring. Coach Rossouw ensured that both men were fitted with the proper head gear and boxing gloves, and he brought them to the centre of the ring.

Rossouw would be the referee for the fight.

“Alright guys, we will be fighting boxing rules and it will be three rounds of three minutes each. There will be no brawling on the floor, no elbows, no low blows and no hitting on the back of the head or the back of the body. Should you not abide by my commands I will get involved in the fight and neither one of you want that,” Rossouw explained. “If you do not defend yourself, I will stop the bout. I will allow the round to continue after three mandatory eight-counts.”

After ensuring both fighters understood the rules, the fight was started. At the end of the first round the fight was over and both of the young men had gained a new level of respect for one another as well as formed a new friendship. The visiting fighter requested to join the gym as well.

“These two stepped out of the ring with new respect for each other, a brand new idea of what fighting is all about and a positive attitude. The new young man has requested to join the boxing club to learn the sweet science of boxing and these two enemies are going to become the best of buddies as well as sparring partners that are now committed to honing the skills of the other, bringing out the warrior in each other,” Rossouw said after the fight.