Boundary Street in Tzaneen is one of the busiest routes in the town.
Boundary Street in Tzaneen is one of the busiest routes in the town.

Boundary Street is one of, if not the most traveled routes around Tzaneen town as it connects most of the residential areas with the high schools, the pre-primary school as well as Agatha Road and the R71.

Ironically this is also the road that receives the least attention when it comes to regular inspection and maintenance. Every year without fail, motorists are faced with a gauntlet of potholes that spring up shortly after the torrential rains. And the municipality eventually plugs the potholes with bags of cold tar.

Exactly a year later however, those same potholes reappear and in fact, they grow wider and deeper every time they do.

It takes countless complaints by residents and eventually a few news articles before the GTM decides to send out a roads team to again plug the holes. This year however it became evident that the potholes could no longer be plugged and so miraculously the Roads Agency Limpopo (RAL) took hands with the GTM and they have now started properly patching the road’s surface.

So far the past week motorists have had to put up with intermittent “stop-n-go” operations on their morning and afternoon commutes whilst the process was underway. It would appear as though the teams are reaching their climatic end to the renovations which we assume would likely be completely by the end of the weekend.

We do not know why this section of Boundary Road is not placed on the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) to be completely resurfaced as they did with the lower section of this road which passes by the primary school towards Lifestyle Centre.

Two years ago, under the guidance of former Municipal Manager Thapelo Matlala, the GTM upgraded lower Boundary and Billy Maritz Streets . Those streets are still, in the words of Matlala, “silk roads”.