Image of a pot plant in a pothole
A pot plant in a pothole is possibly poetic.

In what can only be described as a record-breaking response, the Greater Tzaneen Municipality’s Roads Department rushed to rescue a drowning pot-plant from the depths of a gaping pothole in the middle of the entrance way to Tzangeni Estates yesterday afternoon.

The pothole grew steadily over the last two weeks and eventually became a dangerous tyre guzzler earlier this week. It was reported and nothing happened.

So, an anonymous botanist likely residing within the secure walls of Tzangeni, placed a green sapling in the middle of said pothole in order to
warn motorists of the danger. One of the ward councillors who lives in the estate, Rene Pohl, photographed the young bather and sent the location to the head of roads at the GTM.

Within less than an hour the pothole was mended. Have we not learned anything from this?