JoJo Tanks have cropped up in the backyards of households all across the Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality in recent weeks. This amid complete silence on a workable solution from the leadership of the all-but-functional local municipality.

It has been more than a week since the faucets ran dry in areas of Phalaborwa. One of the most affected areas, Bougainvillea Park, have had dry spells of up to 24 hours straight. According to resident Saartjie Maarthuisen, they had been without water for more than two weeks with no end in sight.

Ward councilor, Sybrandt de Beer, has even gone to the extent of writing a letter listing the town’s grievances to the DA’s shadow minister for water and sanitation, Leon Basson, who in turn contacted Dr Sean Phillips, Director General of the Department of Water and Sanitation, who promised to look into the matter.

Earlier this year, Phalaborwa experienced the same dry spells and the origin of these water issues were eventually traced back to the municipality’s failure to settle their account at Lepelle Northern Water. The municipality’s silence on the matter has led to residents believing this to be a repeat of the exact situation.

“I spoke to the acting Municipal Manager (MM) at the Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality, and he said he was awaiting a response from his counterpart at the Mopani District. Apparently, the MM from Mopani will contact Lepelle to find out what the problem is,” de Beer said. At the time of going to print, Councilor De Beer was in a council meeting in his attempts to gain some answers.