Though the cemetery situated along the Agatha Road towards the new industrial area just outside Tzaneen is in good nick, the sewerage line running parallel to this site is currently pouring hundreds of litres of raw sewerage into the stream below it. The stream which in turn runs into the Letaba River.

The open manhole photographed below, has reportedly been overflowing for close on half a year and the Greater Tzaneen Municipality’s water and sewerage team have not noticed. At the time of going to print, the situation had not been rectified despite having been reported to the relevant department.

The lack of service delivery and in particular, regular site inspections, by the GTM is cause for concern and it quite simply is not enough to request the public to report these matters when noticed.

It cannot be expected of the public to spend their days driving through their town looking for potholes, burst pipes, blocked manholes, broken streetlights, vandalized cemeteries and illegal street vendors to report to the municipality.

The public is not responsible for ensuring maintenance and enforcing the bylaws. Therefore, there is supposed to be a municipal inspection team. Consequently, residents pay their rates and taxes.