The first phase of the community clean-up project at Tzaneen’s Van Velden Hospital was conducted on Youth Day, the 16th of June. Volunteers and ward councilors banded together to do something about the terrible state of this health facility’s gardens, and to repair, replace and clean the hospital’s curtains.

The project was initiated by resident Arina Stassen after she visited a colleague admitted to this hospital. Stassen and fellow colleagues noticed the state of the curtains in the wards and decided to do something about it.

After she posted a message over Facebook, she garnered the support of DA ward councilor, Chrizelle Dreyer and FF+ PR Councilor, André Moss who joined forces with Stassen to revive Van Velden to its former glory.

“What started out as a small project turned out to be much larger, so much so that we will need to return. I simply did not realize how much work there is still to be done, but we have certainly made a big dent already.”

The councilors present who helped with the clean-up were Ronnie Shai (AFP), André Moss (VF+), Chrisma Bredenkamp (DA) and Chrizelle Dreyer (DA). The sponsors who assisted were Santa’s Fabric Magic (curtain brackets), SKIP GO (skip), Talisman Plant Hire (brush cutters), Tzaneen Garden Centre (flowers), Zen Spa (refuse bags), Ok Minimarket Letsitele (refuse bags), Connie Koster (refuse bags) and Northern Hardware and Glass (fuel).

Meridean College in Tzaneen also had a couple of learners who came to assist with the fixing of the curtains inside the hospital and went as far to clean the windows. Stassen said they are planning the second stage and people or businesses who want to assist can contact Arina Stassen on 072 1170 403.