A spotted hyena with a snare around its neck was reported to the Phalaborwa Natural Heritage Foundation (PNHF) in one of the lodges around Phalaborwa. Springing into action, the team of dedicated PNHF volunteers spent an entire Sunday, 12th of June, making sure they track and remove the snare before any more damage was done.

The vet, Dr Rita Piso, from Mangata Veterinary Services in Hoedspruit, along with PNHF headed out to the reserve and attempted to call the hyena using recordings of a distressed prey as this usually attracts hyenas into the area.

Unfortunately, they had no success on the first attempt. A second attempt was made, this time using an impala carcass as bait on a trail. According to Eugene Troskie, within 30 minutes the sub-adult male came by and was darted by Piso.

PNHF removed the snare, cleaned up the wound, and administered a reversal drug. A few minutes later more hyenas came to feed on the carcass of the impala. “We were glad to see the injured Hyena also came to feed with them about four times, as the pack originally kicked him out,” stated Troskie.