The South African National Parks (SANParks) Board terminated the relationship between the CEO, Fundisile Mketeni, and SANParks after recommendations by an independent Senior Counsel who chaired the disciplinary process.

This was after SANParks informed the public that the disciplinary enquiry against its Chief Executive Officer had now been finalized.

This followed an incident in July 2021, where the SANParks board initiated a disciplinary process against their then CEO, Mketeni, and according to them the process was chaired by an independent professional, which resulted in a ruling and recommended sanction being delivered to the Board in May 2022.

The Board met on Wednesday, the 1st of June 2022, to deliberate on the outcome of the disciplinary process, such as the ruling and finding on the sanction, and, in line with the recommendation of the independent senior counsel who chaired the process “it has determined that the relationship between the CEO and SANParks will be terminated with immediate effect, as of the 1st of June 2022.”

Mketeni was found guilty of six charges, including sexual harassment as he was under investigation since 2021 by the independent lawyers appointed by SANParks. The probe related to a complaint by a woman, who was employed at the Selati Train Station, who was assaulted for allegedly refusing Mketeni’s sexual advances.

The findings by the independent lawyers revealed that Mketeni embarrassed, damaged the name of SANParks which is responsible for managing the country’s national parks, and breached the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Policy and the Disciplinary Policy and Procedure of SANParks.