Everyone loves rummaging around in a bargain store. Which is why the town is abuzz with excitement regarding the opening of a massive Chinese-owned store in Tzaneen, right next to Magic Build.

The Great Value Store is set to open its doors on Friday the 11th of March, right at the start of the Chinese month of the Rabbit. Along with the grand opening will be a host of opening discount offers on a variety of items.

Bulletin embarked on a visit to the store where Great Value’s staff are frantically busy stocking the hundreds of shelves for the big day. The store owner, Zixing Feng, walked us through the store to show what they have on offer.

And no, this is not another one of those cheap knock-off stores where the products disintegrate a few hours after you arrive home. This store has decent products and there is literally anything and everything here for anyone willing to spend a few hours to browse.

Need to do some maintenance in and around the house? Great Value has a wide range of DIY products, and there is a massive range of security lights to help deter criminals. For the party animals and social butterflies, there is also plenty on offer like party décor and novelties and even sound and entertainment systems.

There is also a pets department with all kinds of accessories on offer to make life easier and more convenient for you, and of course to maintain and treat your beloved pet, whether it’s birds, cats, dogs, or even fish. It is not only households that will benefit from all the offers available, there is even a great line-up of stationery items for business offices and schools.

Furthermore, there is a stockpile of cutlery, baking, fishing gear, cleaning equipment, foot rugs or mats, and carpets on offer come the 11th of March. Great Value is situated right next to Magic Build. Keep in mind that 30% discounts will be on offer on a wide selection of items during the grand opening of Great Value in Tzaneen.