Following the unrest from villagers living in Benfarm and Majeje on the outskirts of Phalaborwa, the Ba-Phalaborwa Mayor, Merriam Malatji, met with King Majeje, Mlungisi Ntsanwisi. Malatji, Ntsanwisi and other representatives of the communities in a bid to resolve some of the concerns raised by the residents.

The meeting came shortly after residents had strategically blocked off sections of the R71 in protest against King Maje, stating that he does not reside in Phalaborwa and threatened to only open the road once the King made an appearance.

The meeting was held last week at the Municipal Council Chamber, facilitated by the mayor, and it was resolved that the tribal offices that were meant to be moved to Prisca in Selwane would now be moved to Lulekani.

Malatji appealed to the Ba-Phalaborwa residents to not resort to violence whenever they encounter challenges but to engage the relevant authorities including her office which according to her is always open for community needs.

Malatji however, thanked Hosi Majeje, Mlungisi Ntsanwisi, and the community at large for their discipline and respect during the meeting.

In an unrelated matter, the Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality Public Account Committee (MPAC) led by the Chairperson, Pretus Mkhari, visited the Selwane and Mashishimale Sports Complex as part of its oversight role on Friday last week, 18th of February.

The main purpose of the MPAC is to exercise oversight over the executive functionaries of council and to ensure good governance in the municipality.

The municipality revealed that Mashishimale Sports Complex is fully completed and will be ready for public use ‘very soon’ while Selwane Sports Complex is only 2% shy of being complete, citing reasons as just “mere final touches to be made to complete the project”.

The upgrading of the Tambo internal street in Namakgale, internal street in Lulekani Biko Extension, and Namakgale Stadium were among the projects visited.

The Chairperson of MPAC, Petrus Mkhari, expressed his satisfaction with the progress made on the completion of both Selwane and Mashishimale Sports Complex.

***Editor’s Comment: It escapes all reason that a group of residents can take it upon themselves to close off provincial roads and completely upturn the lives and livelihoods of an entire region and threaten the safety of whole communities without facing any prosecution.