It seems that long contracts for drivers are becoming the norm in Formula 1 these days.

Hot on the heels of Charles Leclerc’s five-year deal with Ferrari at the end of 2019, Red Bull added three more years to Max Verstappen’s contract.

McLaren inked Daniel Ricciardo for three seasons and Alpine did the same with Esteban Ocon. And now McLaren have protected their investment in Lando Norris with a four-year extension.

With the aero regulations overhauled for this year and the engine rules set to change in 2026, stability for teams is crucial. And so, it’s an attractive proposition for teams to lock drivers down for the long term, ensuring they have the quality to compete at the front, providing they deliver a car capable of doing so.

Even though Norris had a deal with McLaren until 2023, the team were wary of other teams luring him away with bigger, better offers.

Given the team are now in a much stronger position financially, having attracted financial support from a US-based sports investment group among other things, they were able to deliver improved terms for a driver they believe can be their future.