Businesses in Tzaneen competed in the first ever Spinning Boot Camp which is to become an annual event. Photos: Roelof de Jonge

It was Friday, the 5th of November – arguably one of the hottest and most humid days Tzaneen had experienced in a very long time – when Health and Fitness Tzaneen took hands with Momentum Tzaneen and decided to host their first-ever Spinning Boot Camp for businesses.

Whilst some of the team members were spinning on the gym cycles, others were taking part in other forms of exercises.

After about two hours, the team from Allesbeste Farm and Padstal emerged as the Fittest of the Fit and proudly attempted to raise the floating trophy above their shoulders (a feat reserved for only the daring given the grueling two hours prior). The Avocado athletes were Tersia Ernst, Donovan and Retha Beukes and Neels van der Merwe.

This event was also held for another important purpose, aside from people getting active, having fun and living healthy. The money that was raised through the team entries, will be donated to the Suid-Afrikaanse Vroue Federasie (SAVF) in Tzaneen. This federation will utilize the money for its orphanage care centre with the idea to spoil the children with a Christmas meal.

Ettiene van Wyngaardt from Health and Fitness Tzaneen Gym instructed the teams what to do before the start of the Spinning Boot Camp.

What made the spinning contest a little more tricky was the rules adapted for the purpose of equalizing the field. Health and Fitness owner, Ettiene van Wyngaardt, decided on a more “holistic” approach. The rules were simple; four members per team spinning on the stationary bike for two hours in a relay format, meaning that the members could swap the hot seat whenever they needed to in order to keep racking in the kilometres.

Donovan Beukes from the Alles Beste team giving the inaugural Spinning Boot Camp a spirited thumbs up.

The catch was that whilst one of the team members was on the bike, the other three each had to remain active. Should one of them stop, the spinning bike rider had to stop as well. The activities for the other members included holding a dumbbell raised to shoulder level for as long as possible, holding up a 5kg barbell, and stepping up and down the steps to keep the rider on the stationary bike going.

Iwan van der Merwe from Lannie Motors does his turn for spinning duty with Jennifer Vercueil doing her round on the steps.

“The whole idea was that every participant should have fun. Whilst one of the team members was pedaling, the other three were taking part in some other form of exercise. This ensured that the other participants don’t have to sit and wait for their turn to pedal, everyone gets some exercise to do,” he explained. 

Anke Rood from Merensky High School with Neels van der Merwe from Alles Beste having a workout.

“Our bodies are there for us to enjoy to the fullest, for only once a lifetime, if it is gone, it’s gone forever. That is why it is so important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Exercise is of utmost importance, and it can help prevent and aid chronic conditions like diabetes and cholesterol amongst others.”

Jennifer Vercueil, an instructor at Health and Fitness Tzaneen Gym, also competed for the Lannie Motors team which needed an extra member to compete.

Van Wyngaardt and his team of fitness professionals from Health and Fitness Tzaneen are ready to help with advice to any person who wants to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Give them a visit now and unleash an active and healthier you. “In the end everybody had loads of fun, which was the intention of this idea, to see happy and active people enjoying themselves.”