Jani Minnaar.

A group from The Dance Place @ Ben Vorster represented Limpopo at the annual South African Dance School Championships the past weekend in Centurion. As expected, these dancers did not disappoint and brought back many well-deserved accolades.

Zoe-Leigh Thompson.

Liam O’Brien (contemporary advanced solo) received one of the most coveted awards at this championship when the Ultimate Gold Award (91.7%) was handed to him. He also added a special award to his tally for his excellent performance, promise and technical ability.

Tegan Baker.

O’Brien and Tamar de Meyer took part in the modern jazz intermediate and advanced duet category and danced away with a gold award (83.3%). Lara van Veelen (open beginner solo) obtained high silver (79.3%) whilst Lia Coetzee and Hanne Kemp (Hip Hop duet beginner and novice) received high silver (78,3%) and for their acrobatics duet they were rewarded with a high gold (87%) award.

Soria Meyer.

Lia Coetzee (acrobatics novice solo) received the gold award (81.7%). Pieter Minnaar (Hip Hop beginner solo) managed a silver award (73.7%) and the judges handed Tegan Baker (Hip Hop beginner solo) a high silver award (76.7%).

Pieter Minnaar.

Kaitlyn Schoeman (open novice solo) went home with a high silver award (75.3%) and for her modern jazz novice solo item (Dance Creations), she received another high silver prize (79%).

Pedrie Minnaar.

Aldré van Tonder (Hip Hop bebeginner solo) bagged a silver award (74%) for this item and for the Hip Hop novice solo (Dance Creations) item she was rewarded with a high silver award (78.3%). Katryn Coetzee and Soria Meyer (modern jazz beginner and novice duet) brought another high silver award (79%) back to Tzaneen.

Pedrie and Jani Minnaar.

Elrene Knoetze (Hip Hop beginner solo) with her score of 81.3% received a gold award. Jani Minnaar (acrobatics novice solo) was another high silver award recipient with a score of 77.3%. Pedrie Minnaar (Hip Hop novice solo) add a gold award (80%) to the Limpopo team’s prize collection.

Lia Coetzee.

Jani and Pedrie Minnaar (open beginner and novice duet) dance into a silver award (74.7%). More than 2 500 items were entered from dance schools all over Gauteng, Northwest, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. All the dancers competed in different dance styles and levels of excellence.

Katryn Coetzee.

The three judges who scrutinised the participants were Joubert Jonker, Sharonne van der Vyver and Anette Njande, who are all very well known in the dance industry and have loads of judging and competition experience.

Jani Minnaar.
Hanne Kemp and Lia Coetzee.
Elrene Knoetze.
Aldré van Tonder.