Rum is also produced at The Old Packhouse Distillery. Here barman July Ngobeni serves a customer a cold round of this liquor with cola and ice. Photos: Roelof de Jonge

The Old Packhouse Distillery, famous for Mark Dando’s craft gin, was a hive of activity on Saturday the 16th of October. Thanks to the collaboration between Dando, and Shawn de Meyer, co-founder of the Pando Rewards program, a day of live music and trail running was born.

Mark Dando (middle), owner of The Old Packhouse Distillery, with event organisers from Pando, Fanny Forsbom and Shawn de Meyer.

“Pando is big on supporting local businesses and the goal is to create benefits to local business owners as well as to the community by supporting them. We wanted to organize an event where locals can network and create connections while having fun and making meaningful connections with their fellow business owners”, said de Meyer.

Dave and Corene Alexander.

“Pando is a network marketing company that provides businesses marketing services, and as an exchange our members get discounts and special offers from the businesses we provide marketing for. Our members can also earn money through our referral system”.

Angelique Els was the winner of the 10km fun run.

Inside the packhouse, picnic benches awaited visitors along with a cash bar offering a wide selection of the distillery’s gin and rum produce.

A few runners braved the Farm Run through the blue gum forest.

Aside from these choices of liquor, End Street Breweries, which are now also situated at the Old Packhouse, had two of their popular locally produced beers on offer. Besides the attraction of the bar counter and the live music, a host of entertaining activities were set aside for the children who tagged along for the day with their parents.

All sorted with nice fat biltong from the Kampvuur stall and drinks from The Old Packhouse Distillery, are friends Horst-Johann Gubitz and Flippie Bierman.

There was also a quick 10 kilometre trail run through the surrounding blue gum plantations which a handful of runners enjoyed and was ultimately won by a local runner, Angelique Els.

The Jahara Treatment Centre’s stall was represented by Jane Alexander, Ulrich Jansen van Vuuren and Meghan van der Merwe.

Prizes for the run were sponsored by Pando members and included vouchers from Monya’s, Meet and Greet, Hair by Shawn, Forever Beaut, Mirandi’s Aesthetics, Wax On Wax Off carwash and the hardware
giant, Magic Build.