Mabel Drive sewerage pipe was fixed, but no care taken to make the sidewalk sort of presentable again

Modjadjiskloof is in a very serious state of disrepair as a direct result of the lax attitude towards service delivery and maintenance by the Greater Letaba Municipality (GLM). The unwillingness which accompanies halfhearted workmanship on maintenance issues by the local municipality, is as appalling as their disregard for the calls by their community for service delivery.

One of the town’s long-time residents said it is unacceptable that the municipality is failing in the very basics which include the maintenance of existing infrastructure and the upgrading of aged, or dilapidated structures such as telephone poles, electrical poles and sewerage systems.

He said if you don’t have fresh water stored, or a borehole for that matter, you are in trouble as the municipality is just not able to deliver basic services anymore and their pleads as residents are falling on deaf ears. He said that it is the worst he has seen this town in all his 45 years residing there.

The sewerage flowing across the entrance of the cemetery in Modjadjiskloof is still flowing non-stop into an open field. Photos:

Bulletin and even another local newspaper, have in the past reported on these matters, too many times to name in fact, and every time the media receives the clichéd “we are aware of the situation and we are looking into the matter”.

Bulletin also followed up on an article two weeks ago regarding a sewerage pipe on a sidewalk in front of a resident’s house in the vicinity of the graveyard. Last week the GLM finally responded to the resident’s call and repaired the pipe in Mable Drive, but left the pavement in a worse condition than they found it (see related photos).

Mable Drive, and it’s neighbouring Klaat Drive, are both damaged to such an extent that regular and small sedans will soon not be able to travel upon it. This damaged was caused directly as a result of the burst sewerage pipes which went unchecked for three years.

One resident went as far to gather water samples from the natural water stream flowing through the town and from a residential borehole to have it analysed at a private lab. The test results are shocking. The report of the test results on the 21st of February 2020 and on the 25th of May 2020 indicated the water samples from the stream and borehole is certainly polluted.

The one corner of Mabel Drive and Klaat Street is a complete mess and is barely accessible for cars to drive on. This has been left for close to three years according to residents in the area.

The test results yielded no contamination of chemicals in the water. In this regard the water is deemed fit for human consumption. The test results for the microbiological analysis however revealed the presence of faecal contamination. The remedy suggested from the test results encouraged that the town’s aging sewerage treatment systems should be checked. The test results indicated that the water is not fit for human consumption, and it can be an immediate unacceptable health risk if consumed and treatment will be necessary.

The current councilor for the Democratic Alliance in Modjadjiskloof, Doreen Ramaselele, also received the lab test results, and handed a copy to the GLM with a certain Florence signing off as the recipient on behalf of GLM on the 9th of March 2021. According to councilor Ramaselele, they are still waiting for a response from the GLM.

Bulletin has requested information from the GLM’s spokesperson, Lovers Maenetja, on Tuesday the 13th of July in this regard, and at the time of going to print, we had still not received any feedback.