Winnie Ramokgano (CHoiCe), Charlotte Mello (CHoiCe), Bernard van den Dool (Baobab Rotary), Antoinette Schutte (CHoiCe project manager), Vumbhoni Bila (CHoiCe), Chipo Machaya (CHoiCe Financial Manager) and Rona McGaffi n (CHoiCe consultant)

Tzaneen’s Chamber of Business joined hands with CHoiCE Trust in a Blanket and Food Drive aimed at warming the many destitute families in the Greater Tzaneen Municipal area this past week.

Soon after initializing the drive, members of the Baobab Rotary Club’s satellite E-Club came onboard and assisted in the roll out of this fantastic initiative. These Rotarians managed to collect 70 new blankets which were handed over on the 8th of July.

According to Rona McGaffin, a consultant for CHoiCE Trust, the blankets were destined to be distributed amongst 67 vulnerable and marginalised households in communities from the Tzaneen area. McGaffin said that all the blankets and food parcels collected for the drive would be handed out to these households as part of the Mandela Day celebration which takes place on Sunday the 18th of July.

The staff of CHoiCE Trust thanked all donors and sponsors who generously contributed to their project. CHoiCE stands for Comprehensive Health Care and slowly evolved into the name CHoiCe Trust. The South African based NGO was established in 1997 and is based in Tzaneen.

With a staff of committed professionals, CHoiCe is able to help make an impact in rural areas in a wide spectrum of ways. Proceeds from projects reach a full range of beneficiaries such as children, the elderly, health workers, farm workers, persons infected and affected by HIV, and rural communities.