Tzaneen Dental Studio boasts not one, but two highly acclaimed professionals at their new office at 7 Douglas Street, just a block up from Sugarhill. Dr Anneri Vorster is a dedicated dental care professional in private practice for 26 years and has been a part of the Tzaneen Dental Studio team since its inception back in 2013.

Because of the dedication to, and love for positive patient care which she shares with Dr Ruan Rademeyer, Tzaneen Dental Studio was built upon a strong foundation which afforded them the reputation which still carries them to this day.

Compassion for her patients and an intimate understanding of their expectations has positioned Dr Vorster firmly at the forefront of her profession. Her patients are provided with adequate preventative care and administered only the best corrective procedures to ensure that their smiles truly remain the centre piece of their wardrobe.

As a mother of four children, she has developed a deep-rooted interest in, and passion for paediatric dentistry and the oral well-being of children. Always eager to listen to patients and delivering high quality dentistry in a conservative manner, Dr Vorster is excited at the advancements in dental technology. With modern techniques and materials affording modern dental professionals the ability to adopt a minimally invasive approach in the restoration, beautification and health of patients, Dr Vorster is even more comfortable working with people who suffer from dental anxiety.

Helping them to overcome their fears on their way to having a beautiful smile is what this experienced professional relishes in.
Vorster said that being a dentist is more than a job, as she loves the creativity of the hands-on practical work and the interaction with people.

“My aim at the end of a treatment is to ensure that the patients under my care have healthy teeth and gums, improved function and beautiful aesthetics… that, puts a smile on MY face!”