Whilst many people have invested in the Eden Garden development on the Agatha Road just outside Tzaneen, the Greater Tzaneen Municipality (GTM) and the Mopani District Municipality (MDM) cannot decide whose to blame for the lack of sewerage connections to and from the stands inside the new development.

Last month, in May, Bulletin received information that whilst there seemed to be sewerage connections to the stands in Eden Garden, there were no pumps in the pump station to pump the raw sewerage from the homes to the treatment plant. According to our source, the sewerage has been running directly into the ravine which runs past the development.

Bulletin is interested to know how development can take place in an area when there is not adequate services supplied. Especially sewerage services.

On the 13th of May, Bulletin sent an inquiry to the spokesperson of the GTM, Neville Ndlala. On the the 18th of May we had still not received a response, but Ndlala assured us we would have information an hour later. The following day he said that he would provide us with the details following their investigations into the matter.

On the 25th of may we again asked for a response on our query, to which Ndlala replied with “I’m currently in a meeting, I’ll visit the area with the water and sewer team afterwards.” On the 2nd of June we again asked for a response and this time Ndlala said, “the sewerage was connected, but pumps were removed to prevent theft.

That is being handled now, as I said, we have a meeting with the developer today.” In a telephonic discussion on the matter, he said that the MDM had removed the pumps from the pumpstation to prevent them from being stolen. We asked Ndlala who the developer was and he said that he would send us the details. We are still waiting.

At the same time, 2nd of June, we sent the same inquiry to Odas Ngobeni, the spokesperson for the MDM. In his response he said that the responsibility lay with the GTM. “It is definitely not a team from MDM. GTM is responsible for the Sewerage Treatment Plant in Tzaneen, including the maintenance at the pumpstation,” he said.

We referred the matter back to Ndlala who said that he would call Ngobeni and clarify the matter. We have since heard nothing further on the matter. In the meantime another reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous, alleged that the developer in charge of Eden Gate was not from Tzaneen and at the time of the proposed development roughly seven years ago, had approached a number of real estate agencies in Tzaneen and requested them to buy into the development.

Bulletin first reported on this development in 2017. We are in the process of investigating this matter and invite comments from the public, homeowners and investors on this issue. Please contact me on 072 930 1462 or joe@farnorthbulletin.co.za. Your anonymity is assured.