Alwin Fleischmann. Photos: Roelof de Jonge

The new proposed amendment bill for South Africa’s firearm control act, by the minister of police Bheki Cele, has been a controversial topic for South Africans since it was published in the Government Gazette on the 21st of May. This draft firearm control amendment bill aims to bring some radical changes to the current firearm control act as constituted in 2000.

Stefan Fourie.

This proposed amendment is open for comments by the public and organisations no later than 45 days from the date of this notice. These new amendments will not just impact ordinary gun owners, but it will also have huge repercussions for dedicated sport persons and professional and occasional hunters. Not to mention the changes for avid firearm collectors and the firearm industry.

Raymond Dando.

Philip Robinson, the Letaba-branch chairman of the Bushveld Hunters and Wildlife Conservation Association (BHA) in Tzaneen, notified the members from this organization that the executive council from the Confederation of Hunting Associations of South Africa (CHASA) are already in the process of looking at these proposed amendments.

Joubert Fleischmann.

“The purpose for the CHASA Exco to review these proposed amendments is to give thorough, well thought, logical, technical correct law terms and accurate comments. More information, reliable links and initiatives for comments or contributions to this proposed amends are expected soon by the CHASA Exco.”

John Roch.

”The Confederation of Hunting Associations of South Africa (CHASA) is a federation of over 25 hunting, hunting related and shooting a affiliates across South Africa. CHASA aims to represent the hunter in securing the freedom to hunt.

“We urge our members to remain calm and not to overreact or get emotional on social media platforms about this proposed amendment bill. There will be organisations looking for pure sensation and to wreak panic. Be vigilant not to be misled by such entities. ”Martin Hood, an attorney and a passionate hunter himself, specializes amongst others in firearm laws, shared his sentiments with members of CHASA.

Jahdin Fleischmann.

“I am busy analysing the proposed amendment bill like many others are. The bill is horrendous and ill-informed, and it angers me like it has many others. I am, ironically, looking forward to debating the contents of the bill with its drafters because I will be able to dismantle their arguments and publicly display how ignorant they are.”

“On my reading so far, it is riddled with technical and drafting errors which shows it was written by dogmatists who have little or no understanding of the real world. One example is the proposal to remove semi-automatic firearms (rifles or shotguns) from the security industry. There are many others.”

“Remember this: do not remain a bystander , use your right of freedom of expression positively and loudly.”