The blistering cold mountain air heralded the first signs of a winter fast approaching on Friday night as the girls’ hockey teams from Stanford Lake College prepared to tackle their neighbours from down the mountain.

Ben Vorster sent three of their teams, the U/14, U/15 and their First Team to take on the mighty Badgers in a club league match which would serve as the season opener for the mountain dwellers.

The Vossies and the Badgers are the only two local high school teams who participate in the club league, as well as the schools’ league and because not enough of the teams have played their opening games thus far this season, the log standings are currently vague, but by next month, hockey supporters should have a clearer indication of where their teams stand following some of the games that will be played in the coming weeks.

Both the girls’ teams seemed eager to hit the pitch after a few months away due to Covid. The lack of playtime was evident in both sides who struggled to find their rhythm in the first chukka and continued to struggle with communication for the most part of the respective games. Ultimately though, it would be the mighty Reds who managed to find their feet first and ultimately gain the upper hand in all three their matches.

In the Badgers’ defence however, the Reds had already started their season two weeks prior, with warmup matches against Merensky, which gave them time to shake off some of the rust. The U/14 Girls bowed their knees to the Reds with five goals to zero while their U/16 counterparts were dismissed with eight goals to nil.

At around 18:00 the senior girls took to the pitch. From the word go, the Reds launched relentless attacks on their hosts’ backline and soon, the Badgers were two goals down.

But the second chukka brought with it a renewed energy to the already dynamic Vossies attack which seemed to completely blow the air of the Stanfordian sails. Goal after goal saw the Reds increase their lead to finally take the match home with 11 goals to nil.