Here are the 72 learners from Agri-Merensky who all attended the recent irrigation course at Merensky High School.

Merensky High School’s gr.12 Agricultural Technology learners had the privilege of completing a SABI (South African Irrigation Institute) course at this school from the 29th until the 31st of March.

Theoretical as well as practical irrigation components were presented in the school hall as well as in the orchards. Under the guidance of the course leader, Annemarie van der Westhuizen of SABI, the learners gained first-hand experience with filters, pipes, micro and drip irrigation and many other requirements for successful irrigation.

In addition to demonstrations offered by AGRICO, NETAFIM, KSB, CROP SYSTEMS and JABECO also provided practical guidance, for which the personnel and learners of Agri-Merensky are grateful for.

The gr.12 learners attended the irrigation course, amongst others in the school hall. Photos: Supplied

Agri-Merensky wishes to thank Marius Jansen van Rensburg, the branch manager of AGRICO Tzaneen, in particular for the support. A test was also taken on the last day, after which the successful learners each received a SABI certificate. Agri-Merensky is especially proud of the top three candidates, Andrea van Jaarsveld (top), Johann Roux (second) and Ronan Theron (third).